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European native oysters are on the brink of extinction. 

It's our job to save them. 

Oysters restore ocean health and return biodiversity. They clean the ocean by filtering seawater, and they provide homes for countless fish species.

But 95% of all native oyster reefs are gone. 

The world is strangling its coastal ecosystems because of nutrient run-off, which is putting fisheries and livelihoods at risk.

We restore native oysters to replenish our seafood supply and improve our coastal waterways and ecology.


Dr. Nik Sachlikidis, CEO

            Guided by our mission to rejuvenate coastal ecosystems, we are leading the way on sustainable restoration in the UK, safeguarding Native Oysters from the brink of extinction. Together, we will shape a future of our seas.
the oyster restoration company
the oyster restoration company
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