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We understand the crucial role native oysters play in marine ecosystems, and we're dedicated to fostering collaborative efforts to achieve true restoration. By partnering with individuals, companies, and organisations who share our vision, we believe that together can make meaningful changes on a massive scale.


Our approach involves leveraging the unique skills, resources, and opportunities that each partnership brings, allowing us to execute restoration projects more effectively together.

At The Oyster Restoration Company, we seek partners who are committed to our mission of restoring marine ecosystems and safeguarding biodiversity. Whether you're a community start-up or a big organisation, if you share our dedication to creating a healthier planet, we invite you to join us in this important work. Together, we can make a difference.

As a mission led enterprise, we believe challenging problems are worth solving, and we know there are many inspiring companies out there.


So, if you’re working in the reef building, biodiversity enhancement, nutrient abatement, carbon capture, or food security spaces, please get in touch!


We are always keen to work together to overcome hurdles that deliver a benefit to people and planet.

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