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Ben Hicks' Story

Why Did You Choose to Work with Us?

We chose to work with The Oyster Restoration Company because we were passionate about having high-quality, disease-free oyster spat on our site. This ensured that the oysters had the best possible start, allowing them to grow and thrive in the strong tidal seas around Orkney.

Furthermore, the team at The Oyster Restoration Company have been brilliant to work with.

They have provided valuable knowledge and skills in this area of aquaculture and encouraged and supported us with our business venture.

What Made Our Oysters Stand Out?

The native oyster spat which was supplied by The Oyster Restoration Company stood out because the seed was grown and supplied from a local hatchery who continue to have high standards of production techniques to produce resilient oysters in a bio-secure environment.


What Have You Achieved Using Our Oysters?

We have carried our regular growth monitoring on our site, and the results have been great so far. The average size of our native oysters has continued to follow an upwards trend and are growing faster than expected, considering the exposed environment of our site.

In addition, we have also recorded lower mortality levels than initially expected.


We look forward to continuing working with The Oyster Restoration Company, growing and restoring oyster populations around Scotland and the UK.


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