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The Oyster Restoration Company's Bio-security

At The Oyster Restoration Company, we employ strict bio-security practices to prevent the spread of diseases. All of our protocols were developed in close collaboration with experts at NatureScot.

We rigorously enforce a one-way system throughout the hatchery to avoid contamination. Staff must scrub and change protective equipment at the beginning of the system and again if they wish to visit an area they have already moved through.

Red, amber, and green zones are used to control access and movement of materials through the facility. And again, we follow the same scrub and change procedure when moving between zones.

Our team are passionate about our high bio-security, and they understand the potential risk of cross-contamination if procedures are not followed.

Stringent bio-security is crucial to prevent disease outbreaks, protect oyster health, ensure sustainable production, and safeguard against economic losses.

And it's especially important for us because we are doing this at scale. It is an essential element of our strategy that allows us to produce over 150 million oysters per year.


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