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The Oyster Restoration Company's Hatchery

Our Hatchery, located in Aultbae in Scotland, is run by an efficient, dedicated team of 10. It is the hub of everything we do, and it is headed by our experienced hatchery manager, Ana Overweter.

We moved to Aultbea, which is a disease-free area, from Orkney to allow scale up to produce 150M oysters per year. Our hatchery includes algae production facilities, a hatchery room, a larval room and a broodstock library.

Our locally employed team look after our oysters at each of the stages of life. We even algae specialists who form the core of our business.

The remote location offer so many benefits, but naturally there are also a few drawbacks.

Getting supplies is more challenging in the countryside, but we have found some ingenious ways to make it a little easier. And perhaps the biggest drawbacks (according to the team) is that there isn't a village pub or shop for the team to use!

However, these drawbacks or out-weighed by the positives.

The tranquil setting is peaceful and makes for a truly lovely place to work. We also have excellent access to high-quality water, the main reason for the site location.

We are proud to be located in Scotland and of our contribution to the local economy be providing jobs.


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