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We Are The Oyster Restoration Company

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We are making a difference in the preservation and regeneration of Europe's coastline by restoring 150M European native flat oysters each year.

Our methodology is rooted in science, and we employ innovative technologies to ensure the health and sustainability of our native oyster populations.

Through our genetics program and our abundant supply of native oysters, we are pioneering the way in preserving and cultivating native oysters for a more sustainable future. 

We’ve implemented native oyster screening at our hatchery as part of our biosecurity measures, and we adhere to the high standards set by the Scottish government. Our cutting-edge genetics testing technology and our commitment to biosecurity means you can trust the health of our oysters.

Our goal is to enhance genetic diversity for restoration purposes and to improve the species for farming, so we initiated a robust breeding program, focusing separately on restoration and farming. 

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