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Spat on Substrate Specifications

Our focus on sustainability means we are committed to producing spat on substrate products that are environment appropriate.​

We prioritise natural materials and ensure our oysters are set on compounds that aid efficiency, survival, and growth.

Our certified disease-free oyster spat can be set on a number of substrates, meaning our oysters can be deployed anywhere. We only offer natural, recycled, eco-friendly materials, including: 



Biodegradable Composites








*Oysters available for export.

the oyster restoration company

Skilled Deployment Placement of native oysters on substrate in: - nearshore (harbour, artificial coastal reef, seabed) - offshore (scour protection, subsea cables, seabed) environments using light to heavy marine transport

Sustainable Substrates Use of on non-polluting, environment appropriate substrates to set oysters on

High Volume, Healthy Native Oysters World leading scaled production of disease-free, low mortality native oysters

Flexible Distribution Oysters delivered throughout Europe, by land or sea, using methods such as ex-hatchery manufacturing or remote setting catering to site differences

Biotechnology Enabled Monitoring Measurement and ongoing monitoring of species existence and abundance using non-disruptive technologies including eDNA and Remote Operated Submersibles (ROS)

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