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Our People

At the core of our mission for restoration and sustainability, our people are the driving force behind every initiative.

Nik Team Photo.compressed.png

Dr. Nik Sachlikidis

Chief Executive Officer


Nik is not your average suit-and-tie CEO. With over 20 years of deep-sea expertise in aquaculture and fisheries, he's practically got gills! When he's not navigating the waters of sustainability strategy for The Oyster Restoration Company, you'll find Nik casting lines and reeling in the big ones during his spare time.

Matt Team Photo.compressed.png

Dr. Matthew Johnston

Managing Director


Meet Matt, our head-banging Managing Director with a passion for sustainable aquaculture. With his metal music pumping through the hatcheries, Matt brings over two decades of experience crafting eco-friendly nutrition solutions for our underwater friends. When he's not rocking out, you can catch Matt submerged in the latest feed development projects.

Anna Team Photo.compressed.png

Anna Overweter

Hatchery Manager

Anna is the mastermind behind our hatchery operations, and she's been swimming in the world of oysters for two decades. With her degree from the University of Tasmania and a knack for nurturing oyster larvae, Anna ensures our hatcheries are as safe and cosy as an oyster's shell.

Owain Team Photo.compressed.png

Owain Wynn-Jones

Chief Commercial Officer

Owain isn't your typical number cruncher—he's a kite-surfing aficionado with a palate for good food. With a background in Zoology and a Master's in Aquaculture, Owain brings a unique perspective to the commercial side of our operations. When he's not riding the waves or sampling seafood delights, you'll find Owain navigating the global aquaculture market.

Shiv Team Photo.compressed.png

Shiv Saujani

Chief Commercial Officer - Sustainable Food Enterprises

Shiv is our data-driven dynamo with a passion for Muay Thai and raving. With a resume boasting experience from Accenture to UBS and Wells Fargo, he's the brains behind our commercial strategy. When he's not engrossed in a spreadsheet or closing deals, you'll find Shiv in Nerf wars with his nephew or at a pub with a pint in hand for you. Get in touch to redeem now!

Rebecca Team Photo.compressed.png

Rebecca Redden

Marketing Manager

Rebecca is a marketing manager / Sporty Spice hybrid. With a decade of experience in consumer engagement, she's the creative force behind our brand's success. When she's not brainstorming marketing strategies, you'll find Rebecca on the terraces watching football or stepping up to bat in a rounders match.

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